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The creators of this site wish to acknowledge the following:

William (Bill) W. Bergen of Charlottesville, VA
My most sincerest thanks and greatest accolades go to William (Bill) W. Bergen of Charlottesville, VA Assistant Dean at the University of Virginia School of Law Bill is also a Civil War lecturer, author and battlefield tour guide with 25 years of experience. His longtime interest in the senior generals of the Army of the Potomac brought us into contact with each other while he was researching the life of Horatio Gouverneur Wright from Virginia and I was attempting the same from Edmonton, Alberta in Canada ! Indeed, we do seem to be the only 2 people to share this intensity of interest in bringing to light the life and career of one of the Union Army's most enigmatic commanders. Bill is the author of 'The Other Hero of Cedar Creek: The 'Not Specially Ambitious' Horatio G. Wright and he also had given a lecture on the General at the 2000 UVA Civil War Conference - 'War in the Shenandoah Valley'. Bill can be reached at

Cyndi Ford of Culpeper, VA - Random Acts of Genealogical Kindess

Cyndi provided invaluable help in researching details on both Wright's wife, Louisa, who was also from Culpeper as well as details on Wright's immediate genealogy. Her enthusiasm and efforts were greatfully appreciated ! Cyndi can be reached at

Pete Miller of Stephens City, VA - Relic Hunter

With special thanks for providing the photos used on this side of the Cedar Creek Battlefield and for some great relics dug with his own hands in this area. Pete's e-mail address is


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