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From July 20, 1865 to August 28, 1866 Wright commanded the Department of Texas.

On June 30, 1879, he was promoted to Brigadeer General of the Regular Army and was made Chief of Engineers.

He also served as a member of the Board of Engineers and over the years, became engaged in such important engineering projects as the East River Bridge, New York; the Sutro Tunnel, Nevada; Delaware Breakwater Harbour of Refuge; the South Pass jetties on the Mississippi and the completion of the Washington Monument who's construction had been halted due to the War. He was also active in the improvement of heavy ordinance and gun carriages.

Wright was retired due to age on March 06, 1884.

His retirement was spent in the peace of his Washington, DC home, as was his wish, but he found time to author 'The Report Upon United States Geographical Surveys West of the Hundredth Meridian' in 1889. He also continued to attend some GAR functions, but characteristically shied away from the limelight at these times. He also made repeated visits to his boyhood home town of Clinton, CT where he valued his old and dear friends.



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